June 18, 2009

My Schedule

I got my first choice, after well over an hour of standing next to the English table. By the way, Margot (her twin sister's name is a flower) probably hates me at this point. Arena was about to close, and the department head was willing to give one of us period 8, but the other would have to take period 1, and I said I'd have to switch four or five classes, and Margot said she was just to confused, so the woman handing them out gave it to me. Avon later told me that Margot knew perfectly well that she'd only have to switch one class, she was faking it to get period 8. Ah well, I won in the end.
I hate how nasty everyone gets, though. For instance, Lily (and yes, that is a nickname) spent was continually saying nice things about the teachers she didn't want, trying to talk others into taking them. It just felt so underhanded.
Ah, well.

1 physics h
2 calculus b.c.
3 gym (with Nia and Kathrya and Ali!)
4 adv. drawing/anthropology
6 spanish h
7 gov (with the teacher whose name has two syllables)/oil painting
8 english


vicky/bruney said...

hahahahah! CAT-scan (whose brother created the iphone apps) was standing by the english table trying to persuade me, and others, to take all of the other research and lit teachers so that he could be let into mr. 'turvey's' R&L class. I guess the woman got fed up with him because she decided to open up ONE more Turvey R&L class and gave him to meeeee...Too bad for CAT-scan, he was maaaddd...

Tea said...

hahaha. Poor tybalt. And right after Nancy and I got higher scores than he did on the English final. And that teacher definitely has a little bit of hidden niceness, it's just buried underneath layers and layers of beurocracy (*must**make*****even*****classes***).
Dino had a tough time, too. He was there from 11 am through closing, which I discovered because, while I was in the English line, Ali came over, near tears, and Dino laughed. I was like, "if you're still happy, you must have just gotten here," and he went, "No, I've been here since 11, I just know that crying doesn't help." "You could at least pretend to be sympathetic!" "hmmm.... uh, nope!"
... big meanie. i think i'll get over him not getting period 8.

Jackie said...

omb! we have calc together tea!

additionally, i am really annoyed that all of you know your classes ahead of me!

vicky/bruney said...

hahaha...I got there at 10:30 even though my time was 12:20 (hoping to get my finals back, but all my teachers were in Arena) so I basically sat with Opmin (who was at the first station) and tried to sneak in for two hours while she *shouted* at me to stay behind the non-existent line and I mocked her for bringing her whopper stack of papers to grade and not actually getting around to grade any....
haha...I didn't realize his name was Tybalt, I personally like CAT scan though...
yea...you should have seen the language teacher at the table, I asked a trillion times for my desired teacher and each time she was like "sorry, closed" and then, I was in the english line, right next to the language table, and she beckoned me over and was like "here, shhhh, now go away!"

Tea said...

that's cause the language ladies are nice. The English lady is less nice, although she did end up giving 8 to me, after I asked Margot to flip a coin for it and she refused.
well, I can't wait to find out what your classes are, to see if we have more than one together :)