June 15, 2009


A brief English class transcript

Tea: Richard! You were in my dream this weekend!
Richard: I was?
Tea: Yeah, you were trying to kill me.
Richard: Oh. Well, dreams do come true sometimes.
Tea: *Laughs awkwardly.*
Richard: *walks away*
Tybalt (Bryant's twin): Ow!
Tea: Hahaha! Gemma, look, Dino hit Tybalt in the head with a book!
Tybalt: What was that for?
Dino: I missed
Tea: That was definitely an untethered projectile
Gemma: Haha, what?
Tea: ASR joke. There is no one from ASR in this class, so it wasn't really funny...
Gemma: Oh.
Mrs. Leon: Okay, we have cows, but they aren't our cows.
Tybalt: I told Dino that, but he didn't listen.
Dino (with computer on desk): Heh.
Caroline: Can I have a cow now?


vicky/bruney said...

hey! you changed the theme back!...hmmm...I liked them both...
Awww...I got really excited because I thought that you could spell Bryant from Tybalt...but then I realized that would couldn't, so I think that you should change Tybalt to Trybalt and change Bryant to Brylant so that it work...
yea, I know it's a Romeo and Juliet reference but I like it more my way!

Gretchen said...

both of them are in your english class?

Tea said...

who, Bryant and Tybalt? Only Tybalt is.

Gretchen said...

is that the same one as last year in our english class?


Tea said...

yes. The one who didn't make the computer scheduling program. Also known as muffin.

avon said...

hahhahahah YAY i can finally post!
and sharing awkward dreams is great! :)
i think you told me about the asr thing once...
YAY IM SO HAPPY I CAN POST STUFF NOW!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhh this is sooooo much fun (im slightly hyper in case you didn't notice)

Jackie said...

i am thoroughly confused and do not, for once, know who these people are :(


vicky/bruney said...

who's avon?
question avon: did you go to Long lots but then move away??

IF not, TEA, she may be another DEBRAH invader!!!!!

Tea said...

she's not a debrah invader, i just spent 20 minutes on gchat with her trying to figure out the comment function.
And she's your real world name twin.

vicky/bruney said...

GASP: maybe she's just a clone of me...actually you spent an HOUR talking to me on gchat though...not 20 mins, I know like a bajillion other people with my name!