June 22, 2009

This little piggie...

Mom thinks that Shelby has swine flu, so she's taking her to the doctor's for a test. Also, if it is swine flu, Shelby can't come on vacation, because she'd be contagious for seven days after the first onset of symptoms. If it isn't flu, then she can't come unless her fever goes away. Regardless, Mom and I aren't leaving until Wednesday at the earliest.

In other news, I'm pretty much done with my room. The most amazing part is that you can see the floor.

Also, a couple nights ago, I babysat one of my neighbors. We watched the third Harry Potter movie and argued about whether Ron and Hermione were meant to be together (he couldn't understand why they fought so much if they actually liked each other). Then, around 11, I got home and went on my computer. Kathrya and I started facebook chatting about the compare people application. Basically, we both pulled it up at the same time and laughed at all of the ridiculous comparisons.
For instance, would Kathrya rather sleep with her brother or some weird ugly freshman? Is Will hotter than Bryant? Is Bryant or Josh more cuddly? Kathrya repeatedly got ones about Bryant.
On mine, I got rid of my 'interested in' back when my mom got a facebook, so that she couldn't tease me about it. So, mine were fairly gender neutral, but mostly guys. For instance, is Will sexier than Isabelle? (I said that he wasn't) Would I rather marry my camp-friend's ex-boyfriend or my father? (I skipped that one) Then, I started getting Mario. Repeatedly. Who is hotter, Mario or Otis? Is Mario or Chris a 'better catch.'? I started panicking into the fb chat.
"This is awful. I blush at the computer screen every time his name comes up."
Needless to say, it was somewhat ridonkulous.

other interesting questions: If Joanie (the talkative) and Dan (I can't identify the back of his head) got into a fight, who would win?

Also, Vicky would probably appreciate it if everyone would post their schedules, because she doesn't have a facebook, so can't obsessively check everything like I do.


vicky/bruney said...

Well, your crush on Mario really aint a secret, even fb could figure out how enamored you are with him...!!

and I hope your sis doesn't have swine flu, my bro had some of the symptoms and was tested and luckily he came out negative...

sched-wise, so far I know that I have gym with Gretch, R&L with Ultrasound and PreCalc with PAP smear and italian with gastric bypass, mammogram, and Triglyceride test (yea, you guys have noooo idea whose the people are) oh, and adv. journalism with root canal...

Tea said...

she is pig-negative!

I'm confused. I was rereading my old workshop review, and I thought I was root canal!

Gretchen said...

i like your new layout!
i've caught up on your posts from the past week.

i compulsively check facebook for schedules too.

Jackie said...

here's my sched, vicky...i'm uncertain but i think we have no classes together :(

1. Chinese
2. Calc
3. Chem
4. Physics
5. Franglais
6. Gov / Jewelry
7. English
8. Gym

i really like the term pig-negative. just sayin'.

vicky/bruney said...

I have nothing interesting to say, I actually just wanted to share my word verification


hahahahaha...for some reason I think it's really funny!